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SonicWall Solutions for Healthcare

Patient Data And Privacy

Simple, cost-effective security solutions designed to improve network efficiency while addressing the ever-growing number of regulations around patient privacy and security. SonicWall solutions help ensure the best patient care by providing an environment that delivers constant protection, no downtime and extended connectivity. Remote access has revolutionized the healthcare industry and improved patient care, and SonicWall has taken the lead in allowing providers to implement a secure remote access solution that they can always depend on.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA privacy laws have forever changed the way the healthcare industry operates. This piece of far-reaching legislation calls for the security and privacy of all electronic patient data, regardless of location. SonicWall provides HIPAA-compliant solutions to the healthcare industry, ensuring that every piece of patient data, regardless of location, is absolutely safe from attack. SonicWall solutions map to every requirement of HIPAA, including specifications for access controls, audit controls, integrity, authentication, and transmission security.

Flexibility with SonicWall Clean Wireless

Wireless network access offers caregivers immediate access to patient information, whenever and wherever it is needed. Now, healthcare organizations no longer have to settle for wireless security solutions that merely encrypt traffic. SonicWall Clean Wireless™ delivers the innovative dual protection of high-speed secure wireless combined with high-performance Unified Threat Management (UTM), which are required to both (1) secure the wireless connection and (2) inspect and encrypt the traffic flowing over the wireless network.  By integrating SonicPoint-N Dual-Band™ or SonicPoint™ access points with SonicWall's award-winning network security appliances over a central point of management, SonicWall Clean Wireless supports and enforces one set of security policies over both wired and wireless networks.

Network Protection

SonicWall’s firewall gateway appliances also provide hospitals and other healthcare environments with a secure site that keeps attackers at bay. Unauthorised access to a hospital network could jeopardize the hospital’s day-to-day business, not to mention the health of a patient. The firewall provides the first line of defense against Internet security attacks of all types.

Compliance reporting, monitoring, and central management

Reporting, monitoring, and management controls are a major part of HIPAA compliance. Fortunately, SonicWall has a solution on this front as well with its easy-to-manage Global Management System (GMS) software. GMS facilitates the management of SonicWall firewalls, backup and recovery, secure remote access, and email security appliances from a single location. GMS also allows the IT administrator to monitor his SonicWall infrastructure and create reports necessary to comply with HIPAA regulations.