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SonicWall Solutions for Government

Keeping Government Agencies Secure

Fully integrated, competitively priced bundles designed to address the comprehensive multifunction security needs of Federal, State and Local governments.  Government agencies have strong teleworking policies, and SonicWall's secure remote access solutions allow government employees to work from any location, securely, without any compromise on performance. SonicWall's government solutions secure some of the largest government agencies in the country, allowing agencies to manage thousands of appliances from a central location, while ensuring that data is continuously protected and instantly recoverable.

Government Compliance

Government networks are often prime targets for hackers seeking to steal identities, or even sensitive government and military information. Government agencies have some of the strictest requirements of all, and SonicWall stands ready to fulfill the requirements. Mandates and legislation such as the Homeland Security Act of 2002, National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, and the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) help safeguard public information by setting out guidelines and recommendations for a secure government infrastructure. SonicWall can help government agencies achieve this compliance, and safeguard the information that is entrusted to them.

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the most practical approach in dealing with government mandated requirements. Government networks are often large, and access often must be granted to contractors, temporary staff and third parties, as well as off-site teleworkers. The government in fact, is the largest teleworking organization in the country, having an active policy of promoting telework. SonicWall’s UTM solution with secure VPN capability allows each agency to keep control of who is accessing their network and what they are allowed to access, maintain a high level of security, and still allow easy access when it is required.

Secure Remote Access

SonicWall Secure Remote Access, delivered through the SonicWall SSL VPN Series, provides government agencies with an affordable and simple clientless remote solution that facilitates teleworking, and access by authorised contractors and other third parties. Administrators are able to configure the SSL VPN to allow remote workers to access what they need, but only what they need, so their remote access infrastructure does not become a weak point in the network.

Disaster Recovery

In addition, some government installations maintain the largest databases in the world, and data must be instantly available as well as secure. It must be protected in case of emergency or disaster—and SonicWall can serve as part of a government agency’s disaster/recovery plan. SonicWall’s Backup & Recovery solution, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), allows for automatic archiving, backup, and restoration in real time. Government agencies cannot afford downtime, and they cannot afford to lose data. CDP allows for data to be backed up in real time, without having to bring down the system or reboot—and users can restore data from any point in time.

SonicWall government solutions are well suited for local, state and federal organizations. Delivering appliance based products as well as security subscriptions; SonicWall can address multiple security threats of every kind.