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SonicWall Solutions for Application Firewall

SonicWall has raised the bar for network and email security, delivering significant breakthroughs in performance, comprehensive protection, manageability and affordability through its consolidated multi-threat platform:

Lightning-fast active/active UTM

SonicWall consolidates UTM security, Application Firewall, Clean VPN, Clean Wireless, and Comprehensive Anti-Spam onto one easy-to-use, affordable, high-performance-architecture UTM appliance, which can provide comprehensive protection without compromising performance. Consolidation optimizes productivity, minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO), and reduces the expense and complexity of acquiring, deploying, operating and administering separate multi-point products. Newly enhanced, the SonicWall E-Class NSA Series has redefined the limits of security and scalability, delivering comprehensive network protection, while breaking the existing speed barriers for network performance with up to 2 GB* in UTM throughput. Its new Active/Active UTM provides a higher-level of security and high availability with automatic failover to a secondary appliance without dropping the packet being scanned. During normal operations, it leverages the second appliance's CPU cycles to achieve dramatic increases in UTM performance of up to + 75%1, leveraging the idle unit's processing power on the network and increasing network efficiency.

Powerful anti-spam

SonicWall Email Security (SES) delivers an effective defense against emerging "Spam 2.0" threats. Spammers have shifted tactics to sophisticated, multi-vector attacks, elevating spam from a mere annoyance to serious security threat. SonicWall's newest Advanced Reputation Management system incorporates significant enhancements leveraging our email, Web and network security solutions. This can eliminate these threats before they enter your network, minimizing bandwidth consumption and improving system performance. Easy to install and use, SES is available as an appliance, Windows server-software, as a cloud-based solution through SonicWall partners, or as a hybrid-cloud solution with the Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service on our TZ, NSA and E-Class NSA network security appliances.

Expanded multi-appliance management and reporting

SonicWall's newly enhanced Global Management System (GMS) and Universal Management Appliance (UMA) EM5000 provides enterprise organizations and Managed Service Providers with a policy management tool that goes far beyond SonicWall network security/firewall solutions to now provide granular management of other SonicWall solution areas including anti-spam/email security and backup and recovery/CDP. Providing extensive granular policy control over this expanded wider range of devices, this multi-appliance management system maximizes efficiency for IT administrators, enabling them to easily create and manage security policies, all from a single, easy to use, management interface. Customers can now maximize an administrator's efficiency over multi-device management and minimize total cost of ownership. The new SonicWall GMS feature and functionality release is scheduled to be available before the end of 2009.

Lower total cost of ownership

Combining leading-edge software intelligence with state-of-the-art architecture, SonicWall has engineered its newly enhanced enterprise-class solutions from the ground up to maximize higher performance protection while simultaneously lowering acquisition, operations and management costs. SonicWall solutions are built to maximize ease of management with intuitive GUIs and the granular control enabled through the new Global Management System. Easily scalable and featuring seamless integration points, SonicWall solutions truly engineer the cost out of high performance protection.

1 UTM throughput measured using industry standard Spirent WebAvalanche HTTP Performance test.