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SonicWall SMA Licenses
Secure Mobile Access

SonicWall SMA Licenses

Capture Advanced Threat Protection
SMA User Licenses
SMA 500V add 5 user (Also available for SMA 200)
List Price: $433.00
Our Price: $332.00
SMA 500V add 100 user (Also available for SMA 400)
List Price: $5,038.00
Our Price: $3,866.00
SMA 5 user license - stackable for 6200, 7200, EX9000, 8200v
List Price: $2,519.00
Our Price: $1,933.00
SMA 100 user license - stackable for 6200, 7200, EX9000, 8200v
List Price: $24,173.00
Our Price: $18,548.00
SMA 5,000 user license - stackable for 7200, EX9000, 8200v
List Price: $208,268.00
Our Price: $159,802.00

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SonicWall SMA is a unified secure access gateway that enables organizations to provide anytime, anywhere and any device access to mission critical corporate resources. SMA's granular access control policy engine, context aware device authorization, application level VPN and advanced authentication with single sign-on empowers organizations to embrace BYOD and mobility in a hybrid IT environment.

Mobility and BYOD

For organizations wishing to embrace BYOD, flexible working or third party access, SMA becomes the critical enforcement point across them all. SMA delivers best-in-class security to minimize surface threats, while making organizations more secure by supporting latest encryption algorithms and ciphers. SonicWall's SMA allows administrators to provision secure mobile access and role-based privileges so end-users get fast, simple access to the business applications, data and resources they require. At the same time, organizations can institute secure BYOD policies to protect their corporate networks and data from rogue access and malware.

Move to the cloud

For organizations embarking on a cloud migration journey, SMA offers a single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure that uses a single web portal to authenticate users in a hybrid IT environment. Whether the corporate resource is on-premise, on the web or in a hosted cloud, the access experience is consistent and seamless. SMA also integrates with industry leading multi-factor authentication technologies for added security.

Managed service providers

For either organizations hosting their own infrastructure or for managed service providers, SMA provides turnkey solution to deliver a high degree of business continuity and scalability. SMA can support up to 20,000 concurrent connections on a single appliance, with the ability to scale upwards of hundreds of thousands users through intelligent clustering. Data centers can reduce costs with active-active clustering and a built-in dynamic load balancer, which reallocates global traffic to the most optimized data center in real-time based on user demand. SMA tool sets enable service providers to deliver services with zero downtime, allowing them to fulfill very aggressive SLAs.

SMA empowers IT departments to provide the best experience and the most secure access depending on the user scenario. Available as hardened physical appliances or powerful virtual appliances, SMA fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure. Organizations can choose from a range of fully clientless webbased secure access for third parties or employees on personally owned devices, or a more traditional client-based full tunnel VPN access for executives across all device types. Whether organizations need to provide reliable secure access to five users from a single location, or scale up to thousands' of users across globally distributed data centers, SonicWall SMA has a solution.

SonicWall SMA enables organizations to embrace mobility and BYOD without fear, and move to the cloud with ease. SMA empowers workforces and provides them with a consistent access experience.

Deploy the VPN client that suits your needs

Choose from a broad range of VPN clients to deliver policy-enforced secure remote access for various endpoints including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

VPN client Supported OS Supported SMA model Key Highlight
Mobile Connect iOS, OS X, Android, Chrome OS, Windows 10 All models Deliver biometric authentication, per app VPN and endpoint control enforcement
Connect Tunnel (Thin Client) Windows, Mac OS and Linux 6200, 7200, 8200v, 9000 Provide a complete "in-office" experience with robust endpoint control
NetExtender (Thin Client) Windows and Linux 200, 400, 500v Enforce granular access policies and extend network access through native clients


Advanced authentication

Federated single sign-on2 SMA uses SAML 2.0 authentication to enable federated SSO via a single portal to both on-premises and cloud resources, while enforcing stacked multifactor authentication for added security.
Multifactor authentication
  • X.509 digital certificates
  • Server-side and client-side digital certificates
  • RSA SecurID, Dell Defender, Google Authenticator, Duo Security and other one-time password/two-factor authentication tokens
  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Dual or stacked authentication
  • Captcha support, username/password
SAML Authentication SMA can be configured as SAML Identity Provider (IdP), SAML Service Provider (SP) or proxy an existing on-prem IdP to enable federated single sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0 authentication.
Authentication repositories
  • SMA provides simple integrations with industry standard repositories for easy management of user accounts and passwords.
  • User groups can be populated dynamically based on RADIUS, LDAP or Active Directory authentication repositories, including nested groups.
  • Common or custom LDAP attributes can be interrogated for specific authorization or device registration verification.
Layer 3-7 application proxy SMA provides flexible proxy options, for example vendor access can be provided through direct proxy, contractor access through reverse proxy and employee access to Exchange through ActiveSync.
Reverse proxy The enhanced reverse proxy service with authentication allows administrators to configure application offloading portal & bookmarks, allowing users to connect seamlessly to remote applications and resources including RDP and HTTP. This feature supports all browsers including IE, Chrome and Firefox.
Kerberos constrained delegation SMA provides authentication support using an existing Kerberos infrastructure, which does not need to trust front-end services to delegate a service.

Access management

Access Control Engine (ACE) Administrators grant or deny access based on organizational policies and set remediation actions when quarantining sessions. ACE object-based policy utilizes elements of network, resource, identity, device, application, data and time.
End Point Control (EPC) EPC allows the administrator to enforce granular access control rules based on the health status of the connecting device. With deep OS integration, many elements are combined for type classification and risk factor assessment. EPC interrogation simplifies device profile setup using a comprehensive, predefined list of anti-virus, personal firewall and anti-spyware solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, including version and applicability of signature file update.
App Access Control (AAC) Administrators can define which specific mobile applications are allowed to access which resources on the network through individual app tunnels. AAC policies are enforced both at the client and server, providing robust perimeter protection.

Superior security

Layer 3 SSL VPN The SMA 1000 series delivers high performance layer-3 tunneling capabilities to a wide variety of client devices running in any environment.
Cryptography support
  • Configurable session length
  • Ciphers: AES 128 + 256 bit, Triple DES, RC4 128 bit
  • Hashes: MD5, SHA-256, SHA-1
  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
Advanced ciphers support SMA x000 appliances provide strong security stance out-of-the box for compliance, with default configuration ciphers, and administrators can further refine for performance, security strength, or compatibility.
Security certifications Certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 2, ICSA SSL-TLS
Secure file share Stop unknown, zero-day attacks such as ransomware at the gateway with automated remediation. Files uploaded using unmanaged endpoints with secure access to corporate networks are inspected by our cloud based multi-engine Capture ATP.
Web application firewall Prevent protocol and web-based attacks, helping financial, healthcare, e-commerce and other businesses attain OWASP Top 10 and PCI compliance.
Geo IP detection and botnet protection Geo IP Detection and Botnet Protection allows customers with a mechanism to allow or restrict user access from various geographical locations.

Intuitive user experience

Always-On VPN Automatically establish a secure connection to the corporate network from company issued Windows devices to improve security, gain traffic visibility and remain in compliance
Secure Network Detection (SND) SMA's network-aware VPN client detects when the device is off campus and autoreconnects the VPN, bringing it down again when the device returns to a trusted network.
Clientless access to resources SMA provides secure clientless access to resources via HTML5 browser agents delivering RDP, ICA, VNC, SSH and Telnet protocols.
Single sign-on portal The WorkPlace portal provides easy to use, customizable, single pane view for secure access with Single sign-on (SSO) to any resource in a hybrid IT environment. No additional login or VPN is needed.
Layer 3 tunneling Administrators can choose Split-Tunnel or enforce Redirect-All mode with SSL/TLS tunneling and optional ESP fallback for maximum performance.
HTML5 file explorer1 Modern file browser makes it easy for users to access file shares from any web browser.
Mobile OS integration Mobile Connect is supported on all OS platforms providing users complete flexibility in mobile device choice.


Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO) SMA offers global traffic load-balancing with zero-impact to users. Traffic is routed to the most optimized and highest performing datacenter.
Dynamic high availability2 SMA supports Active/Passive and offers Active/Active configuration for high availability, whether deployed in a single datacenter or across multiple geographically-dispersed datacenters.
Universal session persistence1 Provide users a frictionless experience with zero impact failover. In the event of an appliance going offline, SMA's intelligent clustering reallocates users along with their session data without the need for re-authentication.
Scalable performance SMA x000 appliances scale performance exponentially by deploying multiple appliances, thus eliminating a single point of failure. Horizontal clustering fully supports mixing physical and virtual SMA appliances.
Dynamic licensing User licenses no longer have to be applied to individual SMA appliances. Users can be distributed and reallocated dynamically among the managed appliances, based on user demand.

Central management & monitoring

Central Management System (CMS) CMS provides centralized, web-based management for all SMA capabilities.
Custom alerts Alerts can be configured to generate SNMP traps that are monitored by any IT infrastructure Network Management System (NMS). Administrators can also configure alerts for Capture ATP file scans and disk usage for immediate actioning.
SONAR monitoring SonicWall SONAR allows the IT administrator to quickly and easily diagnose access issues, gaining valuable insight for troubleshooting.
SIEM integration Real-time output to central SIEM data collectors allows security teams to correlate event driven activities, to understand the end-to-end workflow of a particular user or application. This is critical during security incident management and forensic analysis.
Scheduler The scheduler enables users to schedule maintenance tasks such as deploying policies, replicating configuration settings and restarting services, without manual intervention


Management APIs Management APIs allow full programmatic administrative control over all objects within a single SMA or global CMS environment.
End User APIs End User APIs provide complete control over all logon, authentication and endpoint workflow.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) SMA delivers 2FA by integrating with leading time-based one-time password (TOTP) solutions such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo security etc.
MDM integration SMA integrates with leading enterprise mobile management (EMM) products such as Airwatch and Mobile Iron.
Other 3rd party integration SMA integrates with industry leading vendors such as OPSWAT to provide advanced threat protection
1 Available with SMA OS 12.1 or higher
2 Enhanced in SMA 12.1


  • Unified access to all network and cloud resources for "any time, any device, any application" secure access
  • Control who has access to what resources by defining granular policies with the robust access control engine
  • Increase productivity by delivering federated single sign-on to any SaaS or locally hosted application with a single URL
  • Lower TCO and reduce complexity of access management by consolidating infrastructure components in a hybrid IT environment
  • Gain visibility into every connecting device and grant access based on policies and the health of the endpoint
  • Prevent malware breaches by scanning all files uploaded into your network with Capture ATP sandbox
  • Protect against web based attacks and provide PCI compliance with Web Application Firewall add-on
  • Stop DDoS and zombie attacks with Geo IP detection and Botnet protection
  • Get secure, native agent functionality using web browser based clientless HTML5 access without the overhead of installing and maintaining agents on the endpoint devices
  • Gain actionable insights you need to make the right decisions with real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting
  • Ease deployment with flexible virtual and physical appliance options to suit your business
  • Enable dynamic issuance of access licenses based on real-time demand, with automated endpoint direction to the highest performing and lowest latency connection
  • Reduce upfront costs with built-in load balancing without additional hardware or services, while providing zero user impact on appliance failover
  • Insure against business disruptions or seasonal spikes by scaling capacity instantly


A hardened edge gateway for anytime, anywhere, any device secure access

SMA is an advanced access security gateway that offers secure access to network and cloud resources from any device. SMA provides centralized, granular, policy-based enforcement of remote and mobile access to any corporate resource delivered using a hardened Linux based appliance. Available as hardened physical appliances or powerful virtual appliances, SMA fits seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure.


Flexible deployment with physical and virtual appliances

SonicWall SMA can be deployed as a hardened, highperformance appliance or as a virtual appliance leveraging shared computing resources to optimize utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs. The hardware appliances are built on a multi-core architecture that offers high performance with SSL acceleration, VPN throughput and powerful proxies to deliver robust secure access. For regulated and federal organizations, SMA is also available with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification. The SMA virtual appliances offer the same robust secure access capabilities on major virtual platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX.

Shared user licenses across the appliances

Organizations with appliances that are globally distributed can benefit from the fluctuating demands for user licenses due to time differences. Whether an organization deploys full VPN licenses or basic ActiveSync licenses, SMA's central management reallocates licenses to managed appliances where user demands have peaked from appliances in a different geographic area, where usage has fallen due to off‐work/night hours.

Network visibility with context aware device profiling

Best-in-class, context-aware authentication grants access only to trusted devices and authorised users. Laptops and PCs are also interrogated for the presence or absence of security software, client certificates, and device ID. Mobile devices are interrogated for essential security information such as jailbreak or root status, device ID, certificate status and OS versions prior to granting access. Devices that do not meet policy requirements are not allowed network access and the user is notified of non-compliance.

Consistent experience from a single web portal

Users do not need to remember all the individual application URLs and maintain exhaustive bookmarks. SMA provides a centralized access portal, giving users one URL to access all mission critical applications from a standard web browser. After the user logs on through a browser, a customizable web user portal is displayed in the browser window, providing a single pane of glass view to access any SaaS or local application. The portal only displays links and personalized bookmarks relevant to the particular endpoint device, user or group. The portal is platform agnostic and supports all major device platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android devices, and broad browser support across all these devices.

Federated single sign-on to both SaaS and local applications

Eliminate the need for multiple passwords, and stop bad security practices such as password reuse. SMA provides federated SSO to both cloud hosted SaaS applications and campus hosted applications. SMA integrates with multiple authentication, authorization, and accounting servers and leading multi-factor authentication technologies for added security. Secure SSO is delivered only to authorised endpoint devices after SMA checks endpoint health status and compliance. Access policy engine ensures that users can see only the authorised applications and grants access after successful authentication.

Prevent breaches and advanced threats

SonicWall SMA adds a layer of access security to improve your security posture and reduce the surface area for threats.

  • SMA integrates with the SonicWall Capture ATP cloud-based multi-engine sandbox to scan all files uploaded by users with unmanaged endpoints, or by those outside the corporate network. This ensures users have the same level of protection from advanced threats, such as ransomware or zero-day malware, when they are on the road as they have in the office1.
  • SonicWall Web Application Firewall service offers businesses an affordable, well-integrated solution to secure internal web-based applications. This allows customers to ensure the confidentiality of data, and internal web services remain uncompromised should there be malicious or rogue authenticated user access.
  • Geo-IP & Botnet detection protects organizations from DDoS and zombie attacks, and from compromised endpoints functioning as botnets.

Seamless and secure browser-based clientless access

The "clientless" nature of the SonicWall SMA means that there is no need for the administrator to install a fat client component manually to a computer that will be used for remote access. This removes any dependency on Java and overhead for IT, thereby greatly expanding the concept of remote access. It means that since there is no pre-installation or pre-configuration required, an authorised remote worker can sit down at any computer, anywhere in the world, and securely access their corporate resources. In its purest form, secure access is strictly browser-based using HTML5, providing a seamless and unified experience for the users.

Deliver an Always-On experience

For a seamless user experience, SMA delivers Always On VPN for managed windows devices. Administrators can configure settings to automatically establishes a VPN connection any time an authorised endpoint client detect a public or untrusted network. A single login event to windows device provides the user with a secure connection to corporate resources. Users do not have to login to their VPN clients or maintain additional passwords. Remote users access on-premises data and applications in the same familiar way, just as if they in the office. This improves security and compliance for companyowned devices by allowing administrators to maintain standard configurations and ensure the best possible security posture for their client machines.

Intuitive management and comprehensive reporting

SonicWall provides an intuitive web-based management platform to streamline appliance management while providing extensive reporting capabilities. The easy-to-use GUI brings clarity to managing individual or multiple appliances and policies. Each page shows how settings are configured across all machines under management. Unified policy management helps you create and monitor access policies and configurations. A single policy can control access from your users, devices and applications, to data, servers and networks. IT can automate routine tasks and schedule activities, freeing up security teams from repetitive tasks to focus on strategic security tasks like incidence response. IT gains insights into user access trends and system-wide health through easy-to-use reporting and centralized logging.

Provide 24x7 service availability

Organizations have requirements to maintain their services and keep them up and running with a high degree of reliability to provide secure access to mission critical applications at all times. SMA appliances support traditional active-passive High Availability (HA) for organizations with single data centers, or global HA with active-active clustering for local or distributed data centers. Both HA models deliver frictionless experience to users with zero-impact failover and session persistence.

Reduce upfront costs with built-in load balancer

The load balancing functionality built into the SMA appliance achieves the level scalability expected for medium-sized business and enterprise deployments. Select models of SMA appliance offer dynamic load balancing to intelligently assign session loads and allocate user licenses in real-time based on demand. Organizations do not need to invest in external load balancers, thus reducing upfront costs.

Get insurance against unforeseen events

A complete business continuity and DR solution must be able to handle a significant spike in remote access traffic, while still maintaining security and cost controls. SonicWall Spike license packs for the SMA are add-on licenses that enable distributed businesses to scale user count and reach maximum capacity instantly, enabling seamless business continuity. Spike licenses work like an insurance policy toward any future planned or unplanned spikes from current user counts to tens or even hundreds of additional users.


Download the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

All SMA Licenses can be found on their own individual product pages or purchase them below, more options can be found on individual product pages. Can't find the part you are looking for? Contact us today!

Capture Advanced Threat Protection
SMA User Licenses
SMA 500V add 5 user (Also available for SMA 200)
List Price: $433.00
Our Price: $332.00
SMA 500V add 100 user (Also available for SMA 400)
List Price: $5,038.00
Our Price: $3,866.00
SMA 5 user license - stackable for 6200, 7200, EX9000, 8200v
List Price: $2,519.00
Our Price: $1,933.00
SMA 100 user license - stackable for 6200, 7200, EX9000, 8200v
List Price: $24,173.00
Our Price: $18,548.00
SMA 5,000 user license - stackable for 7200, EX9000, 8200v
List Price: $208,268.00
Our Price: $159,802.00
SMA 5 user HA license - stackable for 6200, 7200, EX9000
Our Price: Request a Quote
SMA 100 user HA license - stackable for 6200, 7200, EX9000
Our Price: Request a Quote
SMA 5,000 user HA license - stackable for 7200, EX9000
Our Price: Request a Quote
Central Management for 6200,7200,EX9000, 8200V (Subscription licenses have 24X7 support included)
CMS appliance license
CMS base + 3 appliance license for use with subscription user licenses
Our Price: Request a Quote
CMS 100 appliances license for use with subscription user licenses - 1 Year
List Price: $4,031.00
Our Price: $3,093.00
CMS base + 3 appliances for use with perpetual user licenses
Our Price: Request a Quote
CMS 100 appliance license for use with perpetual user licenses - 1 Year
List Price: $4,031.00
Our Price: $3,093.00
Central user licenses (subscription)
CMS pooled license 10 user 1-Year
List Price: $1,008.00
Our Price: $773.00
CMS pooled license 1000 user 1-Year
List Price: $55,420.00
Our Price: $42,523.00
CMS pooled license 50000 user 1-Year
List Price: $604,580.00
Our Price: $463,890.00
Central user licenses (perpetual)
CMS perpetual license, 10 Users
List Price: $1,814.00
Our Price: $1,392.00
CMS perpetual license, 1,000 Users
List Price: $100,763.00
Our Price: $77,315.00
CMS perpetual license, 50,000 Users
List Price: $1,209,160.00
Our Price: $927,779.00
Support for central user licenses (perpetual)
CMS 24x7 support, 10 Users - 1 Year
List Price: $605.00
Our Price: $464.00
CMS 24x7 support, 1,000 Users - 1 Year
List Price: $30,229.00
Our Price: $23,194.00
CMS 24x7 support, 50,000 Users - 1 Year
List Price: $302,290.00
Our Price: $231,945.00
Central ActiveSync licenses (subscription)
CMS pooled email license, 10 Devices - 1 Year
List Price: $262.00
Our Price: $201.00
CMS pooled email license, 1,000 Devices - 1 Year
List Price: $13,865.00
Our Price: $10,639.00
CMS pooled email license, 50,000 Devices - 1 Year
List Price: $50,382.00
Our Price: $38,657.00
Central spike licenses
CMS spike, 1,000 Users - 5 Days
List Price: $10,076.00
Our Price: $7,731.00
CMS spike, 50,000 Users - 5 Days
List Price: $60,458.00
Our Price: $46,389.00
Spike License for SMA
Incremental needed to reach capacity
SMA 200 10 day 50 user spike license (Also available for SMA 400 and 500v)
List Price: $554.00
Our Price: $425.00
SMA 8200v 10 day 5-2,500 user spike license (Also available for SMA 6200, 7200 & EX9000)
List Price: $9,028.00
Our Price: $6,927.00